Top 10 gogo bars in Bangkok


Top 10 gogo bars in Bangkok

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Top 10 gogo bars in Bangkok

This list was compiled from the last few years of drinking in the gogo bars of Bangkok. These are the best gogo bars that I currently visit regularly and enjoy drinking in. This is purely based on my opinion and is independent and not affiliated with any bar or company.

There are 3 red light districts in Bangkok:

  • Soi Cowboy – Baccara, Lighthouse, Crazy House, Shark
  • Nana Plaza – R & B Bar, Spanky’s, Bangkok Bunnies, Angelwitch, Billboard
  • Patpong – Bada Bing

Gogo bars in Bangkok are full of girls that dance scantily clad. Customers can buy these girls drinks, or take them out of the bar for additional services if desired. A barfine is needed to pay to take the girls out of the bar, this ranges from 500 to 3000+ baht depending on the girl. There is no cover charge for entry to these bars.

Soi Cowboy


Soi Cowboy coyote girls outside Deja Vu

IMG_1597 copy


The original ‘Jap Trap’ bar in a bar area frequented by many Westerners. Baccara is the busiest gogo bar by far in Bangkok. 2 floors full of gogo girls, from below you can perv see up the skirts of the upstairs dancers through the glass dancefloor. Many younger, whiter skinned maidens with cosmetic surgery are on offer here. Every girl is available and nearly every customer in this bar is Japanese.

Entry is never guaranteed. I’ve seen many times blatant discrimination with Indians and Western women being refused entry and even denied service on the front patio area. Reasons given are that it’s members only, or simply straight up that it’s not possible. Beers start at 180 baht.

Prices: A 180 baht must be purchased on entry. 600 baht for the barfine inside, 3000/6000 baht for short/long time. With a compulsory minimum of 2 200 baht lady drinks bought for a girl you barfine.



Lighthouse girls take their breaks from dancing outside

A gogo bar full of gogo and coyote dancers. The barfines here are 600 / 1500 baht. While waiting their turn to dance the girls all have to stand outside the bar and they form a bottleneck that passing Soi Cowboy customers have to walk through.

A very good bar with tons of girls to choose from.

The happy hour is probably the best on Soi Cowboy at only 80 baht a drink, rising to 145 baht after 9pm.

Crazy House

A gogo bar full of younger, naked dancers. It is located just off Soi Cowboy on Soi 23. Known for it’s loud music and in your face raunchy action on stage, it’s a bar you will either love or hate.

There is a 2nd floor upstairs where the girls are even more liberal with their performances (if that is possible!). Beers are 150  baht.

This place is known to be open when other bars have to close, and on these nights it can get extremely busy inside.

Pro-tip: Don’t sit near the speakers or you can expect your ears to be ringing for days.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 17.23.39

Soi Cowboy girls, including one with an impressive tattoo!



Shark was always known as the second best bar on Soi Cowboy. In Dec ’15 I was amazed at the 80+ girls they had at happy hour, some really good looking ones too. They have regular gogo girls who wear impossibly short skirts and see through tops, coyote dancers wear black.

The lineup of this bar is sometimes inconsistent so make sure you have a good peek through the curtain before buying a drink.

This bar has long been a favourite of mine, probably because it was the first gogo bar I ever entered. The layout inside is perfect, with a raised central dancefloor and double tiered seating all around.

Pro tip: if you sit on the stools around the stage, you will see some thigh gaps to die for.

The happy hour runs from 6:30-8:00pm and is 80 baht. After this the drinks start at 165 baht.


Japanese customers are common at the Baccara end of Soi Cowboy


IMG_1640 copy

A typical ping pong scam bar menu in Patpong

Bada Bing

Over on Patpong (the home of the ping pong scam bars and thuggish touts) the best bar by far is Bada Bing. Featuring some very raunchy dance action on stage, it’s literally overflowing with pretty girls.

The last few times I’ve been there it seems the customers haven’t caught on and the bar remains relatively quiet. This is good as you can pick almost any seat you want and stare into the sea of attractive, scantily clad women dancing.

Barfines in Bada Bing have a sliding scale of 1800 / 800 / 600 baht for Coyote / premium / gogo dancers.


Bada Bing in Patpong – 3 ‘premium’ girls sitting outside on the left.

Nana Plaza


Nana Plaza Bars (5 make this list)

R & B Bar (Rainbow 4)

IMG_1581 copy

The old Rainbow 4 sign

Formerly named Rainbow 4 this bar has a history of having the best lookers in Nana Plaza, and is very popular. Many times late at night in Nana Plaza I’ve strolled past to see the boxes upon boxes of empty beer bottles, a sure sign a bar is doing well.

They had to change the name in November 2015 due to some problems with the authorities.

Its a much more hardcore bar, and definitely one for the guys participating. I suspect customers obviously just looking (eg. tourist couples) would be denied entry here.

Very Popular with Japanese guys.

Beers are 155 baht, barfines are 600 baht.


Spankys and Angelwitch sit side by side on the first floor of Nana Plaza


This whip-themed bar just celebrated 7 years in business in Feb ’16, so they must be doing something right.

It’s quite a small bar and it can fill up fast. The staff like to pack the people in the seats, and Western females and Indian guys have no problems getting in.

The whipping is all harmless fun and all the girls are used to it. If you see a dancer you like, you can just start whacking her for all you’re worth until you get her attention [sounds like caveman behaviour but it works :)].

Probably best to go with a friend so you can have a laugh at all the crazy spanking action going on in the bar, it does often descend into bedlam when busy. There is also a nice shower cubicle where you can have a good perv at a girl soaping herself.

They have shows here that add to the fun, drinks start at 155 baht.

Bangkok Bunnies


Nana Plaza’s newest and largest gogo bar is impossible to miss due to the eye catching sign on the ground floor to the left. They opened in the late summer of 2015 and are busy most nights as they did the right thing by stocking the bar full of hot girls.

Inside it can be hard to know where to sit as it’s a bit like a labyrinth. One thing that is good is the girls aren’t shy about getting your attention, and pretty much every time I go there is hardly any guy sitting alone (including myself, I’ve never had one beer and left here).

I previously did a review of Bangkok Bunnies here (including taking an unsanctioned video).

Beers start at 160 baht.

Pro-tip: Some of the girls are quite skilled in the dirty lapdance department, so if that’s your thing then enquire with the staff.


Angelwitch is a gogo bar with a rock / heavy metal theme. All the dancers wear black lingerie to go along with it and it works very well.

The shows are often crowd pleasing, with humorous moments thrown in.

After hearing the same generic techno-pop that is popular in Bangkok’s gogo bars, it’s refreshing going to Angelwitch because of the rock / heavy metal music played.

Angelwitch gogo bar has been around for a while and they do the basics right. Nice girls, a strong theme, no hassle and this bar has a very loyal following.

Drinks start at 160 baht.


Nana Plaza as viewed from the top floor near Billboard


Billboard is a bar on the top floor of Nana Plaza that has a huge jacuzzi and a big revolving dancefloor. It’s also a very large bar so if there are not many customers inside it can lack atmosphere.

This bar changed management in late 2015, and the new owners have done a great job in recruiting lots of new hot girls.

Drinks start at 160 baht.

Pro-tip: sit by the jacuzzi 🙂

Honorable mentions / Afterthoughts:

Tilac bar on Soi Cowboy some people rate as the number 1 gogo bar in Bangkok. For me, I never seem to have a good time in Tilac. It’s like the x factor is missing in there.

An example would be my last visit at happy hour; the staff were all grumpy brutes, who scoffed at me when I ordered drinks and scowled in my general direction when I refused to buy lady drinks. I do find the gogo dancers are also overly pushy for lady drinks. Not a good recipe for a good time.

Sitting outside at Tilac is ok, but I wish they would remove the useless plant features. It must be a mosquitos dream to hang around in those damn bushes waiting for the next lightly dressed victim to show up.


Suzie Wongs on Soi Cowboy is another bar people rate highly. They do have fully naked dancers and nice raunchy shows so it should be a good bar right? Well, I don’t think I ever saw a girl worth barfining in there, good lookers are thin on the ground. Beers are also expensive at 175 bat a bottle.

I will concede that the shows in Suzie Wong are memorable, and it’s nearly always a packed house. If you do go try to get a front row seat. These shows are usually full of naked lesbian action, I remember one where 3 naked girls opened Heineken beer bottles on stage, poured the beer all over each other, before rubbing themselves with the bottles and inserting them up their shaven havens. Nice!


Club Electric Blue on Patpong is also a great gogo bar if you go on the right night. The drinks are very cheap here so this place is recommended if you are on a budget.

…And then there are some Coyote bars on Soi Cowboy that are run by one bar group. These bars include Rio, Sahara, Midnight, Kiss, Deja Vu, Spice Girls and Rawhide. The bars have young, attractive maidens outside, who once inside will get as many drinks as possible out of you in as short amount of time. These girls don’t go with the customers and will faff you around if you want to barfine them. They usually have 1 or 2 post-op ladyboys around who will be more than happy to be barfined and taken to the nearest short time hotel. It’s probably best to avoid these bars unless you like setting money on fire for a prick tease.

NB. No ladyboy gogo bars have been included in this list, and also I have omitted bars which pass off the odd couple of post-op ladyboys as ladies. This is because I think it’s wrong not to inform customers that the ‘lady’ being barfined out of the bar is actually a ladyboy (post-op or not).

Bars should be up front about this so everything is black and white, lady or ladyboy! The amount of comments and messages I get on my YouTube channel about guys being unsure or worried about not knowing whether it’s a ladyboy or not is unbelievable!

Finally Bangkok gogo bars can be fickle from night to night, and good bars can go bad quickly with management and staff changes. But I stand by this list as a solid guide to Bangkok’s best gogo bars as of February 2016.

Thank you for reading this article on the 10 best gogo bars in Bangkok, feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts.

Minh Huong – Blogger Travel Thailand

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