Thai Friendly Dating Guide + 7 Essential Tips!

Thai Friendly Dating Guide + 7 Essential Tips!

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Online dating is massive in Thailand. Whether you’re looking to find your soulmate, a high class girl, or simply a bit of fun (fun = sex), it’s all available online if you search for it. Thai people are almost always on their smartphones, and online dating is a way of life for many.

Thai Friendly is by far the most trusted and used online dating platform in Thailand. It caters for everyone, from young to old, from people looking for a serious relationship or those just interested in a fling.


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Real profile girl on Thai Friendly




Here are 7 tips for online dating:

TIP 1  Just make a profile get it out there. Don’t be shy to message the ladies. Don’t sit on the fence and wonder what might have been? No matter what you are looking for you have to take action to get things moving.

TIP 2  You must get the free instant messaging application LINE to do online dating in Thailand. Download the free app, make an ID and off you go. It’s the messaging application that’s the most popular in Thailand, and is very similar to WhatsApp. You can even use LINE on your desktop if you don’t have access to a smartphone. LINE is used by 700 million users and originated in Japan in 2011.



TIP 3  It’s all about the pictures Make sure to upload a few good photos to your profile. Photos are basically the only way that online dating works. People mass scan users by their profile pictures. As long as you fill in the other sections without appearing like a total dick you’ll be ok. Definitely don’t appear desperate or needy, try to make your profile light hearted and neutral to appeal to more women (or rather, not turn them off you).


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Nice rack


Make your profile simple, maybe try to use an average picture of yourself so when your date first sees you they should be pleasantly surprised and it will start your date off on a good note. Alternatively, if you’re after the hottest women then be aware they get messaged by lots of guys, so you have to stand out in some way.

Approach each date with medium to low expectations until you meet in the flesh. Some might have outdated profile pics from 5 years ago, this is the same for any dating website in any country in the World.


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TIP 4  Sign up for free to Thai Friendly at first as this will enable you to browse all the ladies’ profiles. However, you will be restricted to sending one private message every 10 minutes which is obviously not ideal. If you are going to be setting up dates (eg. on a 2 week Thai holiday) then definitely upgrade to unlock the better features on Thai Friendly. It costs $25 for one month, with packages up to $100 for a years membership. Maybe upgrade initially if you have a string of dates and then cancel it if you’re not using the service regularly…

The main advantage of the paid membership is you can send unlimited messages which is a massive bonus. You can also see the lists of profiles who have viewed you and then send them direct messages.


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Not bad, I’d give her my Line ID…


TIP 5  If you are an average to good looking caucasian male you’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to set up dates. Some Thai women are looking to experience dates/have a casual relationship with a Westerner merely for the experience.

From personal experience and speaking with friends you’ll be very surprised at how many Thai women will sleep with you on the first date (even if their profile explicitly states the opposite). Thai women are promiscuous by nature as it’s in the culture. They like to put out. So you don’t have to pay for sex unless a fee has been discussed beforehand. Some are playing the long game to get a serious boyfriend and reap the rewards that come with that later…



TIP 6  Be safe. Always meet in a public place first before going anywhere (especially to her place). You don’t want to be all drunk and horny then get mugged in an ‘In Bruges’ style setup. Secure all your belongings (passport, money, laptop) before bringing her back to your place.

Wear a condom for obvious reasons and stock up on them in your home country before travelling to Thailand. Buy more than you think you’ll need too as many Thai condoms are made for the Asian market and don’t fit Westerners.

The US most popular condoms

The UK’s most popular condoms

You don’t  have to use these brands but they’re good starting points and reliable.

Some are just looking for short time, 2000 baht will normally do the trick 🙂


TIP 7  The first date. It’s normally best to dress smart / casual and be clean cut. Thai women in general care a lot about superficial appearances, and most would never be seen dead out with a scruffy looking slob as it reflects badly on them.

For where you go on the first date it all depends on you and what your goals are? Do you want to have sex as fast as possible then get rid of her? Do you want to get to know her cause she’s got a funny personality? Do you want to wow her by taking her for an expensive meal, or maybe to a skybar?


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If it looks like a bargirl, and sounds like a bargirl, then it’s probably a bargirl… 🙂




Date ideas: Coffee shop (day date) / walk around a park (day date) /  a few casual drinks in a bar / play a few games of pool / evening meal in a restaurant / meet at a BTS station and then make it up as you go along etc… Try to incorporate hobbies and common interests in the dates as it helps initially.

NB. Never go to the cinema on the first date as it’s always weird sitting next to a stranger in virtual silence.

This girl probably gets heaps of messages, so your profile has to stand out to stand a chance with her


Show up to your date smiling as you’ll probably both be a little anxious, ask questions and show interest. Don’t try to get the girl to like you similar to being in a random bar situation. The girl obviously likes you as she’s agreed to meet in the first place!

Don’t worry if your date is late. In Thailand punctuality is not a high priority, often 30 mins late is considered to be normal. Also, late cancellations do happen so don’t take it personally, take it on the chin, and move straight on to the next one…


Finally  Know what you want, try to find it, have fun and don’t worry if you have a bad date as there will always be plenty more around the corner…




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