Soi Cowboy Becomes a Movie Set

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Soi Cowboy Becomes a Movie Set

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The neon drenched street of Soi Cowboy is the most popular of Bangkok’s 3 Red Light Districts. The bars that line the street have very eye catching fronts, and so it’s hardly surprising that the street is popular with film crews regularly shooting nightlife scenes in Bangkok.

I was having a few beers recently and accidentally stumbled right onto a set while they were filming! A Taiwanese (or maybe Korean) movie was being shot.

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Soi Cowboy has been the set in many feature films in the past, including The Hangover part 2, Bridget Jones’ Diary 2 plus many more from Asian genres.


The first thing I saw was this massive camera.


Actually the real fist thing I saw was the hot greeter girl models 🙂


There was a scene with a tuk-tuk being driven outside a bar, and the 3 girls had to try to get the main guy to enter their bar.


The film crew staff were not holding the public back, and I found it amusing that some couples (obviously on their way to short time hotels) were randomly stumbling into the scenes!



IMG_7860Passing bar staff had the fright of their lives seeing all the state of the art film cameras aimed in their direction!


The shoot moved down the street, with a scene of the main guy pulling his suitcase looking shocked past Deja Vu and on to Cowboy 2 and Lighthouse bars.


The shoot was pretty slow going, there was a lot of waiting around and discussion as it looked like they were making last minute changes to the scene at the time of shooting. You have to be flexible when shooting a movie, and adapt to your surroundings. I saw many times takes that would have been unusable because a passerby would see the camera, smile and wave! 🙂


No idea who this guy was, but the Thai lady drink girl recognised him instantly.



I finish drinking in Soi Cowboy and head to Sukhumvit Soi 11.


Street food vendors block the pavements on Soi 11, but it’s ok as usually the food is worth the inconvenience.


You can buy all sorts of contraband at the lower Sukhumvit street market stalls. Think this guy was looking at the viagra section.


Soi 7/1 is home to Dr BJ’s. If you haven’t heard of it before you don’t need a wild imagination to work out what is on offer.


It’s nearly 2am, and customers are thin on the ground in Nana Plaza.


Over in Hillary 2 it’s not that busy. There are bonuses to it being quiet, namely you can sit almost anywhere, you can get on the pool table easily and you get your pick of the lady drink girls if that’s what you are after.


A gang of ladyboys walk together at the Soi Nana intersection. It’s amusing to hear them talk in their natural manly voices if there are no potential customers around.


Some Soi 11 massage workers wait for potential customers.


The streets are sooooo dark in places if you are walking around late at night, and to me it feels pretty unsafe. On a nearby side street from this night there was a fight between ladyboy and a lady. The ladyboy came off worse and was taken to hospital wearing a large head bandage and had minor cuts and bruises (this will be included in an upcoming ‘Trouble in Paradise’ video).

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