Skyfall Pattaya Review – Just Another ‘Jap Trap’

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Skyfall Pattaya Review – Just Another ‘Jap Trap’

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Skyfall A gogo is located just 100 metres from the start of Walking Street on the right hand side. It is unmistakable as it probably has the most attractive facade of any gogo bar in Pattaya.

I’d been really looking forward to going to this bar, every time I pass it seems that the girls are very good looking (if a little hostile with cameras around).

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Also the thumbnail for the ‘Travel All Asia’ YouTube Channel’s most popular video is from the front of the Skyfall bar, with over 300,000 people clicking on the video to date!

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So my hopes were high. I went on a night I was totally drunk too, and was looking for possible action if any of the gogo dancers were up for it.

As I entered the bar the male security staff gave me a nice welcome and inside the service staff seated me to the right as you walked in.

The bar had cream leather single tier seating around the outside, mirrored walls, with a curved central dancefloor split with a floor to ceiling crystal feature. The dancefloor was not raised much, and it had small tables with barstools around it. Not really a good setup as if there were people sitting on the dancefloor table they could block your view of the girls on stage.

The bar was on your immediate left as you enter, and the aircon was very good with little to no second hand smoke in the air.

There are no cheap draft beers here, and my Singha cost 150 baht. They did have Kirin and Asahi beers on the menu, but were not in stock on this night.

The music was standard techno gogo music, and wasn’t too loud.

The overall feeling of the bar was it felt a bit claustrophobic, and I could imagine it would be a nightmare walking around if it was packed.


I was in turbo drunk mode on this night, and ordered a B52 and a beer while surveying the scene for any nice girls around.

When I scanned the dance floor I realised that Skyfall has perhaps the worst lighting I’ve ever seen in a gogo bar. The lights were dimmed for effect, but in reality you couldn’t really see the girls dancing all that well and it was all very underwhelming. As the stage was split by the crystal feature, you could also only see half the girls dancing which was not ideal. Not really a good start for a ‘premium’ gogo bar.

So a random girl spotted me downing my B52 and sat next to me, I ordered her a drink because she was ok looking, and told her to order alcohol or not, up to you. She thanked me and promptly ordered an orange juice.

Everything was going well up to this point until I had to go to the restroom.

The toilets were located in the back of the bar and it was a complete mission to squeeze past all the service staff and girls who didn’t seem to realise that they were all blocking the aisles. Bad form not moving out of the way for customers. A couple of staff were loitering around a table with someone who’d bought a bottle and caused me to eventually just barge them out of the way because they were completely oblivious and would not move.

On reaching the toilets I was surprised to see how low spec they were. You can normally tell a lot about an establishment by the state of the toilets. It looked like the owners here had totally ran out of money when making them. Very basic, and I’ve seen higher quality bathrooms in cheap Cambodian guesthouses than this supposed plush, premium Pattaya gogo bar. I hate the word, but it seems fitting here: pretentious.

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So I was pissed off with the trek to the toilets but that was ok cause my girl would still be waiting for me when I got back to my seat so everything would maybe be ok?

Well, things went from bad to worse (through no fault of my own).

As I got back to my seat I was ambushed by my girl and a tall male service staff guy pretty much ordering me to buy my girl another drink! I was only a quarter of the way into my beer and the girl had completely necked the orange while I was in the bathroom.

This was too much. I just pointed my finger to how full my beer was, and asked her why she drank so fast? After a bit of too and fro I made it clear I wasn’t buying another drink so she just upped and fucked off. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Sidenote: Why do some gogo bars feel the need to employ ‘male’ service staff? The ugliest, stony faced old Thai girl is better than any guy serving me drinks. The last thing I want if I’m drunk and horny with gogo girls around is a male service guy trying to be pally with me. Just no!

Anyway, so after the ambush I scanned around for another potential target girl. The only useful thing I got from my original girl was the barfine price which was 1000 baht. I was surprised at this as I’d expected a flat rate of 1500 baht for the barfine.

I suddenly realised that I was the only Westerner in Skyfall, and all the other customers were Japanese (or from neighbouring countries). The girls on stage were not making much effort of what I could see but were dancing for the tables with the Japs on. Why did I come to this bar? I don’t go to Baccara much in Soi Cowboy for the simple reason it is a ‘Jap Trap’ bar, meaning it caters pretty much exclusively for the Japanese market. If you are Western you have to ‘graft’ a little to get the pick of the girls!

I paid my bill and left with half a beer back out to Walking Street to find somewhere better.


Well I was having a great night up until I went to Skyfall. I was buying drinks for girls in nearly every bar I’d hit, and was having a ball. Once inside I didn’t really rate the girls as high as I previously thought. Some of the LK metro bars have lineups on a par with Skyfall, and my recent visits to the Iron Club and Glass House showed much friendlier and pretty girls, better service and a better overall experience.

If you need any further evidence about the Skyfall bar, have a look back to the pic of my bill. I ordered an orange juice for the girl but they upped the price by 20 baht by changing it to Coyote Tequila. This is blatant cheating. It’s not that the 20 baht is a lot of money, but it’s the principle. I don’t ever frequent bars that are not straight with their bills. If a bill is padded or I’m overcharged I never argue as a drunken dispute is a recipe for disaster. I simply smile, pay and walk; never to return.

Disclaimer:  This review is subjective and purely based on opinion only. This review was compiled from a visit in November 2015. Also, pretty obvious but I must state that is not affiliated with any company or 3rd party connected to any bar.

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