Saigon’s Best Guest Friendly Hotels, Vietnam (HCMC)


Saigon’s Best Guest Friendly Hotels, Vietnam (HCMC)

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Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) has some great value hotels. But there are many different areas to stay in the city so it can be hard at first to choose the best ones.


Bui Vien street, my advice is to book a hotel within walking distance of here. It’s the focal point for visiting tourists and has many hostess bars full of ladies too…

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Saigon is paradise if you like drinking cheap beer

MUST READ: There are no true ‘guest friendly’ hotels in Saigon. This is due to the communist government having a law that states no local female can be a visitor to a hotel room with a foreigner after 10pm unless they are married (probably dates all the way back to the Vietnam war). The reality is in 2017 everything is becoming more relaxed and hotels don’t usually enforce this law.

I would say though to be extra polite with the reception and security at night, as they have the discretion to allow visitors to your hotel room. If you do have problems getting a lady back to your room, you can either take her to a short time hotel (she will know where), or if you’re getting shacked up together for a few days then simply check her into your hotel in the daytime.

I always recommend to stay in a hotel within walking distance to Bui Vien street, as this is the most convenient location and other parts of the city are a short taxi / mototaxi ride away. As always in Asia, make sure you check 2 in the people staying in the room when booking.

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My Room at Alagon Central Hotel. I paid a little extra for pool access on the roof and it was worth it. This hotel is part of 4 adjoining Alagon properties. Saigon Recommended Hotels:

Ha My 3 Hotel from $23    [good for budget travellers, still in a good location]

Aston Hotel Saigon from $28.50   [WILD CARD – located directly on Bui Vien street so if you like being in the thick of the action book here]

Gia Vien from $31     [excellent location, right by the Dragon Palace where I stayed]

Dragon Palace from $34    [I stayed here, excellent location, clean and good value – it was fully booked the next night so I had to move]

Signature Saigon from $40    [I stayed here, a little quieter but still a good central location 10 minutes walk to Bui Vien Street]

Blue Diamond from $40     [one of the best locations near a market, very popular hotel and gets fully booked often]

Alagon Central Hotel & Spa from $44   [I stayed here and it was great, definitely get the upgrade to use the pool facilities on the roof]

New World Saigon Hotel From $135    [5 star hotel with a 4 star price, very good value for money and a great location]

The Reverie Saigon from $274    [Number 1 rated hotel in Saigon, only consider staying at this unique hotel if you have very deep pockets]

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My Room at Dragon Palace, very clean and a great location but I had to leave early due to the hotel being fully booked.

Thank you for reading this article. I would appreciate your comments or feedback and I plan to revise and improve this list to keep it as up to date as possible.

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My room at Signature Saigon hotel, all was good and this was an agoda preferred property. – link to book a hotel anywhere in the World – link to book a hotel anywhere in the World

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(Prices in $ Dollars were taken in 2017. Hotel prices are based on booking 2 months in advance, if you book a hotel closer to the date you stay then the price might be higher)

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