Pattaya by Day – Soi Buakhao Area

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Pattaya by Day – Soi Buakhao Area

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Soi Buakhao is a street located parallel to Pattaya Second road. The traffic flows 2 ways and the street is home to many inexpensive guesthouses, restaurants, massage parlours, bars, and gogo bars.

I decided to take some daytime photos as sometimes only getting night footage can get boring. I’ve included the times taken and put them all in order.

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5:47 am. After a long night out on my way back to the hotel outside a 7-Eleven I spot a couple of shirtless Westerners slumped down with their bags beside them. I wonder what they are doing there, have they ran out of money? Or are they just drunk? No Idea, didn’t want to ask either.

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6:31am. Near my hotel a motorbike taxi rider is fast asleep. He was there at 9pm when I left the previous evening so I’m not sure whether he just slept all night right there! Note the smoke in the background is from the meat being grilled by the street food vendors.

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7:17am. This guy was still on the Singha well after daylight broke. He also had one of the best 1000-yard stares I’ve ever seen, putting most PTSD sufferers to shame. I bet he had some harrowing memories bouncing round in there.

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12:31pm. Near my hotel there were some very competitively priced gents salons. I had a shave at one and it took the best part of 25 minutes (still didn’t leave a tip though as she nicked me under my chin).

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13:28pm. A contender for the worst tattoo ever, the AK-47 is not even straight!

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13:29pm. I messed up this photo, but you can get the idea. A guy drinking alone with sexy sign in the foreground, and a sexy girl walking in the background.

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13:36pm. LK Metro in the afternoon, it’s almost ghostly how quiet it is.

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Inside Champagne A go-go in the daytime.

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13:43pm. This is about as exciting as LK Metro gets in the afternoon. A guy doing some shopping, another nursing a beer alone, and a Thai service woman drying some beer mats and towels.

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Inside the Champagne A go-go VIP side.

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13:49pm Soi Diana. These Taxi service photos have seen better days, I wonder if the car that shows up will be as well worn as the photos.

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14:31pm. Soi Chaiyapoon, just off Soi Buakhao had lots of dirty massage parlours on it. I was looking for a regular foot massage at the time too, always the way!

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14:33pm. A Westerner is locked in an intense negotiation with a massage girl on Soi Chaiyapoon. You go low, they go high, then meet in the middle so everyone’s happy! Pic taken from inside the popular ‘Canterbury Tales’ establishment.

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15:48. Soi Diana (just off Soi Buakhao). A Thai woman buys some food from a street cart. She was probably a real hottie in her younger days.

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15:50pm. Soi Diana. On this street it’s refreshing to have an unobstructed pavement to walk down, something Soi Buakhao doesn’t have.

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16:23pm. A couple of Western guys ride past on their rented mountain bikes. Seeing shirtless people is a common sight in the beach destination that is Pattaya. Thailand is a Buddhist country and not wearing a shirt generally goes against Thai culture if you’re not at the beach or a swimming pool, but here no-one cares as long as you are spending money.

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16:23pm. Chang and Leo beers are the order of the day. They are also the cheapest of the beers on the menu.

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16:26pm. Blinded by the afternoon sun. 3 Older ladies stroll together down Soi Buakhao where to? Work? I guess service at a beer bar.

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