Patong Girls, Phuket 2016

Patong Girls, Phuket 2016

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Patong Girls, Phuket – Thailand 2016


Photos of Thai girls taken on Bangla Road when I was in Patong in 2016. Some of them you can recognise from the Travel All Asia Patong VLOGs.



The popular Tiger bar complex. A couple of good looking girls sit amongst holiday makers as they wait their turn to dance on the bar.



A guy eyeing up a dancer with a crazy leg tattoo.



The show pole dancer who is in the outro to the Travel All Asia YouTube videos as of June 2016. If I ever see her again I will probably propose marriage she was that mesmerising! 😉



Another show pole dancer who could probably crush you like a grape if she wanted to 🙂



To look up or not? That is the question…



I spent most of my time in the Bangla road bars looking up with the same expression as this Crazy Horse staff member 🙂



Hard not to admire the view. At one of these bars I chatted to a very innocent looking girl and assumed she must have been a coyote dancer who could not be barfined due to her being so pretty. She told me there was a secret she wanted to show me and pointed at her closed palm. She opened it and written in bold letters were the words ‘FUCK ME.’ I’ll give her credit for her strategy on moving things swiftly from the bar to the bedroom 😉



Even Gianfranco Zola on the TV was transfixed by this busty beauty 🙂 She was moving well and was barfined literally 10 seconds after I took this pic! This accounts for her not appearing in any of the Patong Vlog series 🙁



Couldn’t not take this pic and also got a cheeky video clip for good measure too.



Bar funk dancers. Another great ass on show.



I regret not taking a closer inspection of this girl in the red top.



Girl in black working it and I remember she was dancing very seductively too.



Dirty dancing was the order of the day at the Penitentiary bar.



At another bar further down Bangla road is was more of the same.




Penny for your thoughts big boy?



Didn’t really matter what race you were, whether you were old/young or fat/thin, if you had money to burn you could get a hot girl when I visited Bangla road.



A couple of dancers relaxing towards the end of the night.


close up

Did you spot the thick wads of hard cash in the previous picture? (some of the notes are clearly 1000s) This girl was a show pole dancer and must have been performing well on this night.



It’s near the end of the night and the customers are moving on to the clubs.



Just because there is always one person who asks how much the drinks are here is the Penitentiary bar menu. Lady drinks are 220 baht, as are JD n’ coke. Beers start at a more wallet friendly 100 baht. Some of the prices differ from bar to bar but this is a good rough guide for the bars I took these photos at.


I haven’t paid much attention to this website since around October 2015. This was because I devoted more time to the Travel All Asia YouTube channel and I also had got burned out from taking photos and videos at the same time. In my eyes the quality of the video edits went down in September / October 2015 and I wasn’t happy with the situation so I chose to put this site on the back burner.

Expect some improvements to the site in the near future and also there will be a special announcement towards the end of the summer of 2016. Thank you for viewing.



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