Palace – Pattaya gogo bar review

Palace – Pattaya gogo bar review

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Palace – Pattaya gogo bar review – ’72 Dark-Eyed Virgins in Paradise’


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Pic taken on a normal night at Palace Agogo.


So on a recent night out in Pattaya I went to Palace gogo bar, with the intention of drinking a draught beer or 2 and doing a review for this website. Unfortunately, it was impossible to do a full review The Palace gogo bar due to reasons listed below.

Palace gogo bar is located midway up walking street on the left hand side next to Sweethearts Agogo. The bar opened on 17th October 2014, and it shares the same management as Crazy House, Mandarain, Lighthouse, Fahrenheit and Shark.

I went just after midnight on a night that had been raining earlier. As I went through the curtain I was greeted by the staff and shown to a table on the right hand side. The first thing I noticed was how bright the bar was inside, with white seats and a white stage. This bar also had the standard mirrored walls with single tiered seating all around.

On the night I went I’d accidentally gone in on a ‘naughty nurses’ party day!  🙂



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I literally couldn’t believe my eyes inside, it was overflowing with women and you couldn’t look anywhere without seeing skimpy sexy nurse gogo dancers. It was as if time stood still and I had died and gone to heaven already. Some were topless too, and most of the girls were young and above average looking.

The bar was only about 25% full of customers due to the rain thinning the crowds.

I’d had half a dozen beers already, and the sight of all these girls somehow reminded me of the Suicidal Jihadi Terrorists who are promised ’72 dark-Eyed virgins in Paradise’ after they do their evil deeds. Well, after half a dozen beers every gogo girl to me looks like a virgin, and I think there was probably 72 of them in there. So I think I’ve already been to Jihadi heaven and back; and what an amazing heaven it was! 🙂

A couple of girls had nestled themselves beside me, I ordered the nicer one a drink and told the other to be on her way. When my 80 baht draught beer arrived it was ice cold and tasted fine (unlike Happy Agogo). I was offered free food but had already eaten so didn’t fancy the buffet.


IMG_7409 copy


A service person brought out a raffle for me to choose from and I won a hug. My girl obliged and I was in a state of drunken bliss. Random girls were coming over and pretending to use a stethoscope on me, or give me an injection, bending over and leaning on me seductively while they were doing it. If I ever had a time machine, this date and time at Palace would be high up on the list of places for me to revisit.

I can’t remember the name or number of my girl who I bought a drink for, but I do remember she was 21 and had amazingly smooth skin. She was happy to sit with me and I just admired the view in the bar, soaking it all in. I had a smile on my face for the whole time I was there (and for an hour or 2 after!).



palace pic 1st

One thing about the bar I liked is the great lighting, the seats and stage are white so everything is very clear. It was really refreshing to see this after being in too many gogo bars who opt for dimly lit atmospheric lighting. Also, I liked the low stage as it makes you feel closer to the action.

The music inside was standard gogo dance music, and wasn’t too loud to make conversation difficult. Barfines range from 700 – 1500baht depending on the girl and the time of night.

I ended up making my excuses and left as it was a bit early for me to be barfining girls, but I will always remember the naughty nurse night I went to at the Palace.



This wasn’t a standard night at Palace Agogo, so it’s hard to be objective on whether to recommend the bar or not. It’s probably more of a plug for looking out for gogo bars with parties and themed nights. Balloons outside are normally the sign that there is some sort of party going on.

I would still highly recommend Palace Agogo due to the hot women, nice lighting inside, good beer, and overall service and would be happy to revisit on any normal night in Pattaya.



Disclaimer:  This review is subjective and purely based on opinion only. This review was compiled from a visit in October 2015. Also, pretty obvious but I must state that is not affiliated with any company or 3rd party connected to any bar.






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