Moving Forward – July 2016

Moving Forward – July 2016

Travel All Asia is a website designed for tourists and expats who want to know more about Thailand…




Travel All Asia has now grown more than I ever imagined when I first started in December 2014. However, this website and the YouTube channel can always improve and with your support I can make improvements to bring even better content from Thailand and it’s neighbouring countries.

Only in November 2015 I was considering cancelling the YouTube channel and uploading every existing and future video to Vimeo (a rival video network) and putting all videos behind a membership paywall. As of June 2016 I’m happy I never went down that route and I always want the videos to be 100% free to view on YouTube (or a leading video network).





Paypal donations are open now as of 1st July 2016. Any money received will 100% support the channel to make better videos for the future. Think of this as a kind of tip jar if you’ve ever enjoyed a video of mine, any money will be gratefully received.

So if you’ve ever enjoyed my videos and would like to buy me a frosty beer or 10 you can now do so through Paypal. I will thank each and every donator in some form in the future.

Donate to: [email protected]

Or click the link below:





As a benefit to my subscribers and website viewers I’ve decided to start uploading some hotel videos from popular places where I make the videos. I’ve included links to these hotels and they are available to book at no extra charge from the normal rate.


Additionally, if you click on one of the links above and book a hotel directly anywhere in the world a small commission will be generated at no extra charge to yourself (alternatively you can use the search below). This will 100% support the Travel All Asia YouTube channel and website to help bring better content.


Please bookmark this page for future use if needed.


NB. There are no cookies on any the links so you will need to click through and book the hotel in one go for it to work. Thank you for your support.




Channel Content


As it stands I have no plans to change the general theme of the videos and will continue with nightlife orientated content with some travel and food mixed in for good measure.

Viewership on YouTube can be fickle from month to month, it took an eternity to go from 0 to 10k subscribers. With the YouTube algorithm changing in 2016 they now don’t notify every subscriber a new video is out unless it is already performing very well.

So in theory a few bad months could bring an end to the channel. Hopefully this will never happen but with support from followers it will ensure the channel will keep going, and should result in an increase in the numbers of videos posted.



Privacy policy


Finally there is a policy on the Travel All Asia YouTube channel that if a person ends up in a video and doesn’t want to be then I blur them / re-edit the video within 24 hours of receiving an email about it. It has happened a handful of times already and I’ve no problem doing this. The same applies to photos posted on this website.


Thank you for viewing and the Travel All Asia YouTube channel. With your support I hope an even brighter future is ahead…


Minh Huong – Blogger Travel Thailand

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