Full English Breakfast in Pattaya

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Full English Breakfast in Pattaya

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So recently I went to Pattaya for a few days and naturally had a couple of vicious hangovers to deal with. The kind that tend to linger if you don’t sort them out head on.

My magic bullet for hangovers is always a decent full English breakfast, so I checked out 2 of the more popular places in Pattaya:

The Pig and Whistle Pub on Soi 7

and Robin’s Nest on Soi Diana

The Pig and Whistle Pub

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The location is halfway down Soi 7 next to the large green Rosie O’Gradys Irish Pub that is impossible to miss.

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I went in mid afternoon and found the service staff to be frosty when sitting and ordering my food. I ordered:

Full English Breakfast 175 baht

Mug of Tea: 35 baht = 210 baht

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On first glance the food looked great, that’s why I gave it the thumbs up in the video. But when I started eating the breakfast was overloaded with grease and very heavy. The fried eggs were served on top of a piece of fried bread that was just too soggy and not crispy at all. The beans were not very tasty and only a tiny portion was given.

The most disappointing item were the sausages, undercooked and almost inedible. The toast was poor too, very thin and dry and only one piece given. The mushrooms and fried potato were pretty average. The bacon looked good but had chewy fat through it so was not the best.

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The best part about the breakfast was the solitary tinned tomato piece, only because I haven’t tasted them for months! I ended up leaving half a plate of  food because of the poor quality offerings and won’t be going back in a hurry.

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Everything seemed a bit tired and dated, with no energy or enthusiasm from any of the staff on my visit. I’ve seen more cheer at a funeral.

On to the 2nd breakfast location:

Robin’s Nest

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Robin’s nest is on Soi Diana near the LK Metro entrance, on the LK Metropole Hotel side.

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I went mid afternoon again, and found the service to be impeccable. I sat outside to do a spot of people watching and a very pretty middle aged Thai waitress (although heavily makeup’d) smiled warmly throughout and was a delight to look at while I was there.

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I ordered:

Full English Breakfast = 169 baht (tea included)

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Overall this breakfast was pretty decent. Much lighter than the Pig and Whistle version and I wolfed the whole lot down in less than 10 minutes. The sausage stood out as much better because it was actually cooked properly.

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The bacon was decent, the eggs nicely cooked with not too much oil left on and the fried potatoes were fresh. The beans were nice and the tomatoes average. The only thing that was bad was only one piece of small thin toast came with the meal (2 pieces of toast should be standard).

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Inside there was quite a few customers around for an afternoon in late October, a sign of a popular establishment.

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Inside the bathroom above the urinal there was this humorous pic, a nice touch.

Above is a short video of the 2 breakfasts.


I’m pretty picky with my English Breakfasts and can find faults in even the best places. Both served only one piece of toast and both mixed the tomato in with the beans. Annoying.

The Pig and Whistle was the big disappointment. Poor service coupled with poor food, and it wasn’t surprising to see why the place was not that busy. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh in this review, the breakfast overall I would probably rate as average (just not to my tastes). But getting bad service can be infuriating as it just leaves a sour taste all round. In the video above you can even see the waitress not even say goodbye to me as I left! I know Pattaya is a high traffic tourist city, but this is very poor form wherever you are in the world.

Robin’s nest was doing a pretty decent trade for mid afternoon and you could see why, from the good service and also the good value and high quality food served. I will be back on my next visit for sure, the next time I wake up in Pattaya with a hangover!

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