An Afternoon in Pattaya

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An Afternoon in Pattaya

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An Afternoon in Pattaya VLOG 36 Photos

IMG_9162 copy

The above pic was taken on Pattaya Second Road from the back of a moving motorbike. Looks like the above guys have been plucked straight out of the 80s. Also is the guy at the back the big boss? And the guys in front the heavies? Or ex-special forces with those taches? I can’t work out whats going on in this pic. Only in Pattaya 🙂

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Strolling down Pattaya Soi 7.

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5 baht for a piss, and 20 for a shower?!

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Soi 7. Tall ladyboy strolling down to the beach way.

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Beach Road. People have sharp eyes and stony faces at this time of day, especially with a camera pointed at them.

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2 girls getting to work early on beach road (loving the western guy’s upright walking stance and straight ahead stare – don’t make eye contact, don’t make eye contact under any circumstances!).

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Soi 8 front. This bar complex always seems to be busy, making it hard to get a front row seat. They were playing some nice songs when I stopped by for a beer.

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The beers at this time of day come out about 1% away from being frozen, just the way I like it 🙂

IMG_9221 copy

A young couple debating what to do next.

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The beach road promenade lasts for 4km so I’m told. I wouldn’t know because I’d never walk it with all the cheap baht buses around.

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Soi 8. The same bar complex as above but later in the day. One thing I don’t like about these bars is the hassle from the hawkers. They really get in your face sometimes (a couple of Thai words and they will be off quickly though). The cheap tat that they peddle it looks like takings must be next to nothing and you have to be on guard for opportunistic theft.

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Pattaya Beach.

IMG_8452 copy

It costs 40 baht to sit at one of these chairs. You probably won’t know until you leave and get your bill. It’s still cheap though considering the beach is nicer than 90% of Western beaches.

IMG_8428 copy

Soi 7 corner. Note the annoying hawker on the right.

IMG_9285 copy

I don’t get the hate for this beach so much. Yes there is a little trash but unfortunately that has to be expected in a high traffic beach destination. Pattaya sunsets are regularly stunning, the view from my high rise Bangkok apartment doesn’t even come close.

IMG_7636 copy

Thai Girls and older Western gentleman passing glances as they walk along Pattaya’s beach road promenade.

IMG_9280 copy

I seem to enjoy every trip to Pattaya more and more, and I could see myself living there in the distant future. However, I’m always happy to return to Bangkok, my home for the last 5 years.

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