Amsterdam Hotel Guide

Amsterdam Hotel Guide

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Amsterdam is increasingly popular, with many different demographics visiting

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The world famous Red Light District of De Wallen attracts over 200k participating men every year (myself included!)

Why are Amsterdam hotels so damn expensive?

Simply put, because it’s so popular. Amsterdam is Europe’s best preserved 17th century city, has a famous red light district, a liberal attitude to drugs, tons of tourist activities for regular people to do and is centrally located in Europe. Add to that good transport links, decent restaurants and good nightlife and it’s easy to see why budget travellers are being priced out.

Classic 17th century buildings

The best hotels in Amsterdam get booked up months in advance, especially for the weekends and summer months. If you turn up at the last minute there could be very limited availability even at extortionate rates. My advice is to book your chosen hotel as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Be aware Fridays & Saturday nights can be sold out 6 months in advance. I was once trying to book at a preferred hotel but they were fully booked 9 months in advance!

All the hotels in this guide are inside or walkable to De Wallen red light district (circled in red)

Where should you stay?

My advice is to stay very central and as close to the Red Light District as possible. Booking a cheaper hotel further away might save money, but the time and effort walking and travelling to and from the centre is not worth it especially if you are only visiting for a limited time. The public transport systems are not 24 hours and the trams stop at midnight so that is not ideal. recommended hotels:

St Christopher’s  from €35  [popular Amsterdam hostel, quirky, cool and good value, for seasoned budget travellers only]

Hotel Old Quarter from €85 [Very good place to stay, nice bar downstairs. The canal rooms have great views. I stayed here on a recent trip and was very happy]

Ibis Amsterdam Centre from €115  [10 mins walk from De Wallen and has excellent rates at weekends. ‘If all else fails then ‘book the Ibis’ is a mantra that works the world over. Ideal for a first time visitor]

Hotel de Gerstekorrel from €115  [A good hotel choice in the Warmoesstraat area]

Hotel CC from €116  [Small rooms, but still a reliable choice in the Warmoesstraat area]

Hotel Luxer from €121 . [One of the best hotels on Warmoesstraat street. I wanted to stay here once but they were fully booked. A bit more pricier than others but you get what you pay for sometimes. Many repeat customers here]

Radisson Blu from €185  [A reliable, branded 4-star hotel right near the Red Light District. Worth spending a bit extra for if it’s within your budget]

Luxury Suites Amsterdam from €280  [A great 5-star hotel with huge rooms, great service and amazing canal views]

Legend Grand Sofitel from €320  [A world class 5-star hotel with all the bells and whistles. If money is no object then book in here and forget the rest] Casey Neistat video from here

Canal boat cruises are popular, they take you past all the famous old buildings


Here are some extra tips for cutting costs on hotels:

Book a twin room and stay with a friend / stay midweek instead of weekends / consider visiting from October to March as room rates are lower / use for last minute deals on the evening of your arrival (I’ve seen €180 rooms going for €65 before as some hotels can get cancellations)

€50 for suck and fuck is the normal price. Remember to negotiate everything beforehand…

Lastly I’d say not to think too much into your hotel costs (it’s the same for everybody), relax and enjoy your holiday in Amsterdam. It’s a unique place to visit: if you want to smoke some weed legally you can, if you want to admire 17th century buildings you’ll be in your element, if you want to be wowed by paintings the museums are a must, and if you want to drop €50 for 15 mins of fun with a smoking hot Eastern European then don’t overthink things and enjoy yourself… 😉

Thank you for reading this article. I would appreciate your comments or feedback and I plan to revise and improve this list to keep it as up to date as possible. – link to book a hotel anywhere in the World – link to book a hotel anywhere in the World

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Thanks once again and I hope you have an enjoyable trip to Amsterdam.

On any given day and night there could be up to 1000 ladies working who will happily accept your €50

Ps. Here is a nice YouTube video to give you a good feel for Amsterdam before visiting:

Minh Huong – Blogger Travel Thailand

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