A Bad Night in Pattaya


A Bad Night in Pattaya

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…So in October 2015 I headed over to Pattaya for a night out. Unfortunately I was running a little late, and also the 30% chance of rain turned out to be correct as a storm rolled in just as I was arriving. Not a good start.

I ended up stuck in the Pattaya Bus Station for about an hour, and even pondered whether to abort the night out and return straight back to Bangkok without hitting the bars.

Luckily the storm passed, but there were a couple of intermittent showers throughout the night and that thinned the crowds considerably in the bars.

I first went to Soi 6, then LK Metro, and finally on to Walking Street on this night:


First stop Soi 6. The rain had stopped at this point, but for some reason the poor roofing and gutters were still showering the street with water. Giving the impression in some bars that it was still raining.


The Lisa bar. A very popular bar with ‘memorable’ ladies. Even if you are not after some action the girls are usually still personable, as long as you bring your sense of humour you can still have a good time at most bars on Soi 6.


As of October 2015 the Route 69 bar had an excellent lineup. Plus the bar is sandwiched in between the Spider bar and Solo Club, both popular bars.


I can’t remember the name of this bar but on this night it was surprisingly busy.

redone pic

Time to move on. The above scene is pretty much standard on Soi 6 as a Ladyboy gets her nips out for the passers by. For more coverage of a previous night in Soi 6 click here.


I take a 10 baht bus headed for Walking Street. The beach road girls/ladyboys were out in numbers on this night, as the customers were thin on the ground. Above a freelancer sits alone with a blank look on her face patiently waiting for a customer.

IMG_7271 copy

A usual sight on beach road Pattaya. I love this guy’s casual body language as he negotiates with this clinical looking freelancer.


The Five Star Beer Bar on Beach Road. It opened 41 years ago during the Vietnam war! The rain had started again at this point so I randomly got off the baht bus here for a beer. The walls were covered top to bottom with armed forces nostalgia, and it was nice to stop at an older bar with some history. The girls here had seen better days though, and most spoke very little English. I also had to shoo a cat off a bar stool just to get a seat 🙂


I headed to LK Metro but inadvertently took a short cut to Second road near a gay street in Pattaya.


Boyz Boyz Boyz Nightclub, where your fantasies become reality. The reality for me was to keep my head down and keep walking, ‘Don’t make eye contact, don’t make eye contact.’


Finally on LK Metro. There were a few customers around at midnight, but nothing to write home about. See here for a review of the LK metro street.


Cheap beers are readily available on LK Metro, and not just the usual local Chang option.


On Soi Buakhao, a couple of Ladyboys call out energetically in hope of netting a couple of stragglers to enter their very dimly lit lair bar.


On this night a Rugby World Cup match was on and the Witherspoons pub was completely packed out.

IMG_7317 copy

The Oasis A Go Go is on Soi Buakhao. This was the bar that an Aussie guy got roughed up by a Thai waiter in November 2015. Why is it that some gogo bars have male service staff? Behind the bar and security is acceptable but serving drinks? I’d rather have an old, fat Thai woman serving me drinks any day than a Thai guy.


A random bar photo from Soi Diana. The guy on the right must be joking around, right?

IMG_7397 copy

Walking Street, around 0:30am. It’s far too late to do a Youtube video walk. But, at least the Chinese tourist herds are long gone.

IMG_7375 copy

The Tourist Police Checkpoint normally has a few disgruntled tourists around who have been involved in some sort of bar dispute.

IMG_7382 copy

Body language never lies. Epic moustache on the guy on the right 🙂

IMG_7429 copy

I wonder what these 2 are chatting about?

IMG_7453 copy

Inside a beer bar complex on Walking Street. There are a few customers but unfortunately not much dancing on the poles from the Thai girls.

IMG_7505 copy

At 3am the street food carts enter Walking Street as do the motorbikes and baht buses. These girls from Glass House AGoGo were quick to order their usual grilled meat snacks.

IMG_7524 copy

Further up the street on this night the bar on the left was stocked full of African girls, normally from Nigeria. There is plenty of choice of lady in Pattaya if variety is what you’re after.

IMG_7552 copy

Upstairs A GoGo, not the most imaginative name for a bar in a place where you have to stand out. 49 baht is cheap for a beer though, not sure if the standard of girls inside would be so good though.

IMG_7579 copy Time for me to head home. It’s been a distinctly average night out (probably my worst night in Pattaya), I also failed to do a review of the Palace and Wildcats GoGo bars on this night. I blame the storm that blew through earlier for keeping the patrons away. Also, me being late didn’t help as I was playing catchup missing my usual spots at peak times.


There is always next time. Every night seems like Saturday in Pattaya and my following visits reflected this.

‘A bad night in Pattaya is better than a good night anywhere else.’ (you can quote me on that)

Looking back on this night it was actually a really good night out, but just not up to par with some of the wild, crazy nights that I’ve had in Pattaya recently 🙂

For more Walking Street info click here.

Sidenote: I nearly binned all these photos and the video from this night as I was not happy at all with the footage taken. I can be a complete perfectionist sometimes and am never totally happy with any videos or photos taken. 

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